Matthijs Hollemans


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Hi, my name is Matthijs. I am an experienced software engineer and designer.

The past five years I’ve focused on machine learning for mobile devices, mainly as an independent consultant and author of training materials. Now I’m ready to try something new!

ACM and IEEE member.

Location: Netherlands (remote work preferred)


For the past 5 years I have been helping companies add machine learning to their iOS apps. I also write about this topic at

Since 2010 I’ve been an independent iOS developer and consultant. I’ve published my own apps and have helped a wide variety of clients build their apps for iPhone and iPad.

Of my own apps, the most successful ones are Reverse Chord Finder Pro, an app for budding musicians (now sold to another developer), and Mahjong Cards with over 10 million games played.

Before iOS, I’ve worked on: video games, in-house enterprise applications, the MIDI subsystem and resource compiler for the Haiku operating system, freeware and shareware utilities, websites, graphical development tools, music software, a BASIC compiler… and lots more. On MS-DOS, Windows, BeOS, Linux, and Mac.

I’ve been active in the industry since 1995 when I wrote a custom SCADA system for fruit farmers as my first freelancing gig. But I’ve been coding since 1985, mostly making games for fun on the Commodore 64 and Amiga.

Graduated in 1998 with a B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Much of what I create is open source. I’m also the founder of Swift Algorithm Club, which now has 25k+ stars on GitHub.

Languages I use regularly: Swift, Objective-C, C/C++, Python, assembly, HTML / CSS, SQL, JavaScript.


I like explaining things and have written a number of books.

Principal author of:

Co-author of:

Tutorials published at the popular development website

I also write about machine learning on my blog,